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Crushed Recycled Glass

We provide various grades of crushed glass for sandblasting.  Our product is made of high-quality recycled glass made in Virginia and Pennsylvania.  We ship in tank-cars, bags, or sacks to the Mid-Atlantic states, and we service the precast concrete industry in our region.


Various Grades & Versatility

We sell fine, medium, and extra-coarse grades of crushed glass. This grade-spectrum allows for various etching techniques on your precast concrete project.  Crushed glass can also be used in other blasting applications, such as painted steel.

Environmental & Health Benefits

Because our crushed glass is made from recycled materials, it's more environmentally friendly than other blasting materials--and safer for everyday use.  Coal slags, which are also used for blasting, are carcinogenic and contribute to water pollution.  Silica sand, another blasting agent, can cause Silicosis, a deadly lung disease.  Crushed glass is a safe and "green" alternative.

Best Blasting Method for Concrete

Blasting with crushed glass leaves no residue and doesn't cause discoloration of concrete. Because of its angular shape, it's excellent for aggressive surface profiling.

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